Gold Coast Community, Consumer and Business Engagement Project.


Unbeatable advertising responsible for millions of dollars in turnover for Gold Coast Business


YOUR BUSINESS with over 500,000 Gold Coast locals, residents, families, seniors and visitors to the Gold Coast


Highly successful advertising  as utilised by Subway, Zambrero, Noodle Box  that delivers year round business results


Free Gold Coast Business Network with heavily  discounted advertising pricing made affordable for all Gold Coast Business

Digital Advertising

Only $450 + GST
  • Digital Advertising includes promotion through our Websites, Social medias, Email blasts and Apps for Android & iOS.
  • 12 Months Digital Advertising
  • x(1) Digital Ads
  • Powerful Gold Coast Medias that are liked, loved and followed by thousands of Gold Coast Customers
  • ​ 

Monthly Letterbox Deliveries plus FREE Digital Advertising

Only $250 +GST per month
  • 10,000 Monthly Brochure Ads
  • Printed, Distributed and Delivered into local
    letterboxes within your delivery zone.
  • 12 Months Digital Advertising
  • FREE Digital Advertising
  • x(2) Digital Ads saving you $900 +GST
  • Powerful Gold Coast Medias

Powerful Digital Media Advertising

Only $450+GST to promote your business and advertisements for a FULL 12 MONTHS via the following  digital medias
straight into customers mobile phones, social medias and emails.

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Gold Coast Discounts

The no.1 digital media on the GC attracting thousands of customers to your advertisement

Google Play

Digital App straight to customers mobile phones used by thousands of GC Locals with Android phones

Gold Coast Locals

Used by thousands of Gold Coast Locals for deals, jobs, news, medias and more.

Apple App

Digital App straight to customers mobile phones used by thousands of GC Locals  with Apple iPhones

Digital Brochures

Digital Brochures of your advertisements shared via multiple digital platforms


Gold Coast Discounts and Gold Coast Locals facebook pages shared by 1000's of groups & customers

Email Blasts

Advertising our digital platforms straight to thousands of customers private email addresses


Your advertisements promoted and shared by countless Gold Coast Customers

Unbeatable Local Letterbox Advertising

Don't pay up to $1000 +GST per month for 10,000 ads to advertise your business.

10,000 aDS only $250 +GST

Don't pay as much as 60 cents per letterbox delivery, we do this for as low as 2.5 cents each.
Printed, distributed & delivered into Gold Coast letterboxes with over 90% customer retention rate.
This is why the most successful businesses on the Gold Coast choose us

Local Letterbox Deliveries
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